Artist's statement

All images and text © Rebecca Hope, 2007-16. All rights reserved.


My work finds connections between matter in all its forms: cells, neurons, mould, traces of plant growth, fabrics. Fantastical landscapes, both external and internal, appear on ceramic tiles, casts, collaged drawings and prints.

I seek to express the tension between lived human experience and objective "scientific" viewpoints. Stories, either recorded oral narratives or fragments of text, are often used alongside abstract images derived from the body or from the world around us.

I work with a variety of media, depending on my subject matter. I am fascinated by the physicality of materials, whether it be paper, paint, clay, cast objects or installations constructed around found objects. My films often use a  constructed landscape, playing with notions of scale and travel through an imaginary body.

My work as an artist draws on my experiences as a nurse, and I have often sought projects that derive from collaborative working as inspiration for my work, for example, residencies at Tooting Market and St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney.

I have exhibited widely in group shows in galleries, hospitals, housing associations and stations, and often make work for site-specific installation. I also have experience in running community arts workshops and in teaching young people. I am based in London.

Post Card shows, Art Hub gallery shows, London.
Metamorphose, group show, Galerie Atelier, Porto, Portugal.
Group shows at Faircharm, Paul McPherson, Made in Greenwich galleries, London.
Four Play group show at the Art Hub gallery Deptford, London.
Tooting Market residency and various POST artist group shows, London.
Contaminazioni group show, Cosenza, Italy.

HMV Curzon Film Screening event Wimbledon, London.

MA Degree Show Wimbledon College of Art, London.

Deustche Post Bank group show, Holborn, London.

Dead Season Live Art film screening, Margate, UK.

I Swore/I Sore, group show, the Nunnery gallery, Bow, London.
Intersections, group show, the Nunnery gallery, Bow, London.
Collaborative project work, Wimbledon College of Art, London.

Fits Like a Glove, group show, Thomas A Becket Gallery, London.

Breathe, group show, East Thames Housing Association, London.

Dulwich Open House Festival, group show London.
Freedom, anti-slavery exhibition, Morley Gallery, London.

BA Degree Show, University of East London.

Fragile Futures, UEL Showcase Gallery, London.

Fragments, site-specific group show, UEL campus, London.
Recovery, group show, Nolia's Gallery, Islington, London.

Open Wide Say Art, group show, Trinity Buoy Wharf Open Studios, London.

Re-member, group show, Ada Street Gallery, London.

Secrets, group show at Old Hat, offices in Hackney, London.
Trinity Buoy Wharf Group shows, London.
End of year shows, University of East London.
2005Joint show with Wimbledon BA students, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.
Vital Arts Group show at Royal London Hospital, London.
Mary Ward End of Year Show London.
Group drawing show, Minories Gallery, Colchester, UK.